Academic Expectations and Report Cards

Our teachers assess our students both formally and informally, on a regular basis. Students in Grades 1-8 will receive a total of FOUR report cards throughout the year. Parent/teacher conferences which will be scheduled for ALL parents on the following dates; if you would like to arrange additional meetings, be sure to reach out to school staff to coordinate.

Additionally, you can also regularly track student progress through the online report card located at There you will find attendance, grades, test scores and more. Log in using your child’s Student ID number, which you can find online, along with the Account Creation Code, for which you can contact Janie Sanders, Parent Coordinator. Be sure to have your New York State Photo ID, Driver’s License or Passport with you in order to create your account.

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of the learning process and must be submitted on time. Homework will be given daily and may include extended projects. Homework will be reviewed to assess comprehension and will be calculated toward the student’s final grade in the class. Assignments are listed under the specific classroom teacher’s name.