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The Gregory Jocko Jackson School of Sports, Art and Technology
School Number: K284
213 Osborn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
Phone: 718.495.7791
Fax: 718.495.7839

School Details
Student Enrollment: 477
Grades Served: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 0K, PK, SE
Principal: Keva Pitts
Parent Coordinator: Janie Sanders
PA President: Jacqueline Richey
PA President: Joseph Legree
Police Precinct: 73
Geographic District: 23

Community School Office
Superintendent: Miatheresa Pate
Address: 1665 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233
Phone: 718.495.7791
Family Leadership Coordinator: Page Best-Hardy PBestHardy@schools.nyc.gov
Family Support Coordinator: William Rochford WRochford@schools.nyc.gov
Education Council President: Melanie Mendonca

Visitors Policy
All visitors must sign in with security at the front desk and present a valid photo ID. Visitors must stop in the main office to be issued a pass before visiting a classroom during instruction time.