School Uniforms

  • Jumper for Primary School Girls
  • Shirts for Boys and Girls for Primary through Middle School

Wearing the school uniform is mandatory every day and essential to building a sense of pride and belonging at our school and ensuring easy identification of our students throughout the school day, on or off campus. Having a uniform also helps avoid unnecessary distractions in the classroom and possible bullying. If you need further information, would like to purchase uniforms or have questions about the uniform policy, please contact Ms. Janie Sanders, Parent Coordinator, or go to Ideal Uniforms.

Please note the following uniform requirements for grades Pre-K-8:

Uniforms can be purchased at Ideal Uniforms.

College Fridays: The last Friday of every month is “College Friday.” On this day, students are welcome to wear college gear (shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.) in order to represent a college of their choice. If a student is not wearing college gear, they should be in their regular uniform.